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Mika vs Kaoru
Meguru Takayanagi
Maki Kamiya vs Kaoru Nobeoka
Meguru Takayanagi, is the main protagonist of the series, his mother died when his was young and his father travels a lot, because of this Meguru lives with his grandparents trying to build up his fighting abilities so he can defend himself. Maki finally decides to take up MMA, her first match is against a girl who used to do Judo. With the girls grapples and takedowns, Maki begins to struggle, can she pull of a comeback?

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About All-Rounder Meguru

Meguru Takayanagi is trying to find a "practical" fighting method rather than the traditional karate he used to do when he was a kid, enrolling himself in a mixed martial arts gym (The fighter's brew) he started on his road to become a "Shooto" fighter, that's when he will find out his best friend from childhood and the dark secret that surrounds the motivation for revenge.

Comedy, fights, slice of life, All rounder Meguru has it all


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